The Sanxenco food market has been turned into a public space to better meet the needs of the people in the area.

To achieve this, we propose a structure that improves access throughout the neighbourhood. A porous ground floor and an internal street allows movement throughout the day. It also serves as an attraction to draw visitors towards the food market and the gourmet space.

A gourmet space with sweeping sea views may also appeal to this demographic. Our design borrows from this idea, stretching vertically to take advantage of the sea vista. A translucent canopy with a green roof hold a high-end restaurant. The proportions, height and roof forms of the neighbouring buildings help articulate the building’s form.

The underground parking is expanded to accommodate existing traffic patterns and visitors of the beach. Given its ideal beachfront position, the design functions as a versatile building that adapts to changing needs. The primary emphasis is to open up a vast space on the top floor to the view of the sea.

Internally, the volumes alternate to create in-between closed-court rooms and interconnected views between levels. These levels of space allow for individual functions along with broader multipurpose uses like libraries, markets, etc. In addition, the internal street’s verticality enables cross-ventilation.

The entire building would be prefabricated to save time and money. Since all usages are subject to change, the proposal has developed into a versatile solution. Prefabricated technology makes this idea of transition even better by making the building appear unfinished.

Openness | date : 2020 | location : Sanxencho, Spain | team : Madhusudhan Chalasani, Mario Galiana Liras, German Mueller, Jesús Garrido, Bharat Kumar Thota, Vamsi Krishna, Bob Peniel Inanapuri | client : Municipality of Sanxencho | status : Proposal for a Competition | competition : finalist