Place of Passage

After driving for miles through dense forest, she is surprised to arrive at a stark clearing. Pausing, she parks her car under a manmade grove of pine trees. She sees something defining the clearing’s edge to the west. What is it?

The long horizontal passage is like a threshold between the open clearing and the dense forest beyond. Its muted form evokes the memory of a traditional barn in the rural landscape of Latvia. She passes by spaces for people to gather and camp as she takes a long stroll towards that forest edge. As she walks, it’s as if the normal world is being left behind. When she is ready, she crosses into the threshold. Like a veil, it frames the forest into smaller parts. Seeing it like this, she feels prepared to cross over to wild nature. As time passes, Anna walks the length of the continuous passage. To the west, she sees the forest of pine trees, to the east; she sees the empty clearing; but never witnessing both at once.

The contrast fills her with both fullness and emptiness. She experiences standing between the limitless sky and the thick woods. Her fingers touch the rough wooden logs-fallen, aged members that know the passage of time, that embrace her in gentle shadow, like a dark cocoon, rugged to the touch. Standing in this place of passage, Anna is ready. She steps into the breezeway connecting east and west, and crosses the threshold, into the forest. She is surprised to see how porous the forest really is, as open and vast as the clearing, but in its own special way.

Place of Passage | date : 2018 | location : Undefined | team : Madhusudhan Chalasani, Jesus Garrido Vladivia, Bharat Kumar, Vamsi Krishna, Carlos Gonzalvo, Bob Peniel, Vaibhav Saxena, Reethi Tallam, Niharika Sanyal | status : competition