Stacked House

It proposes an alternate mode of dwelling of two separate or extended family units stacked one over the other. The strategy is to blur the line between the street and the L-shaped building configuration that is positioned along the central open space.

Each unit is 12 feet to16 feet wide and 72 feet long. The extreme ends of the unit house private spaces. Adjacent buildings, sun path and wind direction are major factors that determine the form and orientation of the units. All spaces benefit from double orientation to two different faces of the plot, thus creating seamless flow into each other.

With changes in land-use pattern, the ground floor unit can be converted into an office space. Rather than use complex construction technology, it uses simple RCC frame as the primary structural system with lightweight steel being suggested as an option for future increments.

Stacked House | date : 2012 | location : Hyderabad, India | surface : 191 m2 | team : Madhusudhan Chalasani, Sai Kumar G, Vamsi Kundanam | status : Theoretical Speculation