Narrative House

Primary to designing the spaces, that constitute the house, was determining the quality of the 50’X 80’ experience – to create an ordered and progressive experience. An experience that in contrast to an open to closed trajectory, traces an inverse path.

The directional wall that was conceived with this in mind is used to instill a sense of direction in the user. This wall translates the user to the core of the house and as the house opens out about the corner of this wall, the contrast from outside to inside and the irony in the perceived meaning of the transition is apparent. Instead of closing in the house opens out to the enclosed lawn courtyard. Through its shear relationship with the interiors this enclosed open space has been the determining factor in the allocation of functions.

House in Mysore (Narrative House) | date : 2013 | location : Mysore, India | surface : 294 m2 | team : Madhusudhan Chalasani | client : Private | status : On hold